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Truck to Table

Hosting a company lunch? Birthday? Wedding? Special Event? Otter Creek Catering prides itself on creating an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. We strive to create the best burgers and beyond, so that’s why we use our 100% full blood Wagyu Beef that is born and raised in Kingston, ON. We are proud to showcase Chef François Drolet and Chef William Arnaud of Otter Creek Catering who have taken over the Food Truck operations.

Otter Creek Farms Food Truck uses fresh, high quality ingredients. Food is prepared to order & from scratch by skilled chefs. Local & sustainable products are showcased to support other regional businesses!

Vegetarian, vegan or gluten free selections are available upon request.

All catered events include staff, food service, plates & utensils, linens, garbage removal, proper sanitary procedures & travel to location

Please note a $1000 minimum for Monday through Thursday attendance OR $2500 minimum for Friday, Saturday or Sunday attendance of the event.

This minimum is inclusive of HST, Food Truck Fees ($100 per hour), Standard Gratuity (18% of Subtotal) & Travel Fees (if over 30km).

Operation is upon private property with permission from the owner/lease holder. Parking requires a 15 foot vertical clearance and a 30 foot long parking area. Parking area must be level, not an incline.

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